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Pinterest Pin of the Week: Dandelion Canvas

Happy Pinterest Tuesday!

Sometimes I see a piece of art on Pinterest & I think “I can do that!” I’m usually tragically wrong LOL But every once in a while I have some success.

Here is the original inspiration (pinned on my “Inspiration Canvas” board), what I’ll call “The Dandelion Canvas”:

Pinterest Original Inspiration
Pinterest Original Inspiration

I bought a canvas from Dollarama for $3 and also bought some acrylic paint colors there. I did a base cost of a blue-ish green color, a bit darker than the orginal (which was intentional). Once dry, I painted a brown triangular-circular part and the stem. Then I attempted to replicate the dandelion part. The canvas I used was a rectangle instead of a square, and I wasn’t happy with the oval shape I ended up with vs a more circular shape. Luckily I still had base paint left over, so I painted over the whole think and decided to start over.

My second attempt, I again made a brown stem but I did more of a circular base. I then taped out some markers for myself measuring out equally from the stem to make a circle. Then I made another attempt to great the dandelion part. I am super happy with the result and feel I can now make a full time living being an artist (ha ha – yeah right).

Here’s a comparision of the original pin versus my masterpiece:

Original vs My Version
Original vs My Version

It’s now proudly displayed over my hutch in the living room. It makes me smile every time I look at it… which is what art should do!

Happy Pinning!



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