Minecraft Invitations

I LOVE planning kids birthday parties. It actually made me sad the other day when I realized that my son, who’s turning 7, will probably want to figure out his own thing in like 5 years or so. Hilariously one of my thoughts was “I should have more kids so I can keep planning birthday parties!” LOL Now that is silly.


For this upcoming birthday party we are doing a Minecraft theme. I scanned through pinterest and gathered all my favorite eye-catching, fun invitations and pulled what I loved about each one to make this one. I don’t have photoshop so I honestly created the interior graphic using powerpoint. It can be done! One day I hope to get around to getting photoshop and really honing in on my graphic craftiness. In the mean time, enjoy this inspiration! In the interest of saving time at midnight, I decided to outline the green on top using a Mr.Sketch marker rather than cutting out more black cardstock. I think it works and gives it a bit more of a homemade look vs completely polished.




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