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Pregnancy Update

I’ve been feeling mostly good these days. The majority of my nausea/morning sickness has passed and for the most part my energy has returned. I’ve been battling a cold/allergies off & and for the last month, but other than that feeling good!

We went ahead and booked the first & only doula we interviewed. She came recommended and she lives very close by. She also has experience with loss of a baby during pregnancy, so if I have any mental blocks I feel good about her coaching me through that. We had the first appointment together and I forgot a bit of myself during the appointment. What I mean by this, is that I was sort of changing my answers to meet what I anticipated to be her expectations. After the appointment, I had some time to think and remind myself that she is here for ME in whatever capacity I need her to be, not the other way around. So I’ll have to have some follow up contact with her to say I’ve had time to think and “this” is my ideal situation. No biggie, just need to keep in mind that this is my journey :-)

Prego Pic - May 23
Prego Pic – May 23

I’m still feeling self-conscious that I just look more fat than pregnant, but my profile pics seem to showcase a “bump”. Oh! I’ve also got a photographer lined up to do maternity shots (with Tyler & Dexter) for July and then newborn shots. I’m very excited to have professional shots again and was able to work out a great deal with the photographer.

It’s been a tiny while since we’ve seen baby via ultrasound, but I should have another glimpse in about 2 weeks, when I am 28 weeks. I have my OB appointment this week where she’ll give me all the dates for my scheduled ultrasounds. Although we’ve had some indication that baby is a girl, I’d like to get a second look to see if she still looks like a girl.

It seems to be going by a little too quickly now and I’m trying to enjoy the one-on-one time I have with Dexter now. All in all, a fairly average pregnancy (as I’ve always had – until they’re not).



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