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Pinterest Pin of the Week: Washi Tape

Happy Pinterest Tuesday!

One of my fellow scrapbooking friends filled me in about Washi Tape last fall, which is probably a bit behind on trend. However, since I am a sticker/embellishment type of scrapbooker Washi Tape really appealed to me.

What is Washi Tape? Its semi similar to masking tape and comes in all sorts of patterns, colors, etc. It’s on a handy little roll and can be made from different types of materials which effects quality, texture and durablity. The authentic stuff comes from Japan originally and I can personally attest that the stuff I bought at a certain chain store did not compare to a batch I ordered online.

Clouds with Hearts

My pinterest pin is one of the super cute designs I ordered off the website Cute Tape. I was really impressed with the qualtiy of the product, pricing and shipping time. I’m not really a big “order online” person just because I’m very tactile and impulsive so I enjoy in person shopping. BUT, I’m so glad I bit the bullet and made this order because I am so happy with the products! In fact, I can’t resist showing you the whole batch I ordered (pictured below). Its so great and has already jazzed up my scrapbook pages for the month.


I’d love to hear about your favorite Washi Tape brands &/or places to purchase.



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