Baby Updates

Baby Girl is bigger than her brothers were at this point
Baby Girl is bigger than her brothers were at this point

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, July 9th as well as the 23rd. At the first appointment I got another profile picture and got a weight estimate of 4lbs 6oz which is pretty great (as accurate as it is). Baby’s development is measuring just a tad ahead of schedule which is again a great sign as we plan to induce early at 38 weeks-ish (depending on cervix readiness). At the second ultrasound, baby was apparently in a weird position so I didn’t get any new pictures. The tech got good information though as my doctor told me she scored an 8/8 on the Bio Physical Profile (parameters they look at to see how well baby would do if she was born right now) and that she’s in the 75th percentile.

Feeling Good!
Feeling Good!

I am nervous about the idea of inducing early, but all this information helps me feel better. If the measurements are accurate and she stays on the same growth cycle then she stands to be bigger than Dexter was at full term (he was 6lbs 11oz born at 40 weeks).

This past weekend I didn’t feel as though baby was as active as she had been in the past and I got very nervous. It didn’t help that Sunday was the approximate gestational anniversary of when I lost Wentworth. The ultrasound on Tuesday was reassuring and made me realize how nervous I really am about keeping baby safe. At this point I am accepting that it will be better for my mental help to get baby out early (if my body co-operates). It’s a hard decision as in the past, I wouldn’t be pro-inducing until after the due date. It’s pretty common for labours to be harder & more intense when the mother is induced and it does increase the chances of a C-section. However, I have a doula this time around and I’m still hopeful that I’ll have a successful epidural – perhaps being a pre-planned as it is will increase the chances of that. At this point, having had two vaginal deliveries, I’m really hoping this one will go that way as well. Having a C-section is nothing to scoff at and would delay my recovery time making parenting harder all around. I’m going to stay positive and visualize success and with experience hope for the best.


We also got our professional maternity shots done on this past Sunday. They are suppose to be ready for preview on Saturday. Hopefully she helped us look good :-)



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