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Baby Updates

I had an ultrasound on Tuesday morning in my 28th week to see how baby was doing. We’re keeping a closer eye than your average pregnancy due to my unexpected placenta abruption and loss last pregnancy. I asked the tech to do another peek at gender so I could get confirmation of the last tech’s guess. The tech said “99.9% Girl” so I’m feeling pretty confident about that guess :-)

It's 99.9% a Girl!
It’s 99.9% a Girl!

Everything else they look at was good: heart beat was 152 this time, weight was about 2lbs 10oz.  I’m guessing fluid, breathing, etc were all good as well. If you’re trying to figure out the picture, the placenta is the oval blur on top, baby is looking up so it’s a side profile of her head on the right with her torso going left. The circle about the torso/head is her arm and the little other circle is her leg.



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