My Little Man is Growing Up Too Quick

This week is the last week of Dexter’s 3 year old playschool. I, thanks to Pinterest, was sure to take a picture on his first day of school and his last day of school for great scrapbooking and comparing.

First Day vs Last Day
First Day vs Last Day

I can’t believe how much he has grown in just nine months! He’s about a head taller and just looks more mature. I’m really proud of how far he has come this school year. My main goals were for him to have some independant confidence without me around, learn how to function in a classroom setting and maybe learn something. Although we started out slow and also re-lapsed, he is finally happy to wave goodbye to me as I drop him off. He loves his teacher and talks about “Mlle Ashley” all the time. As for learning, he exceeded my expectations as I don’t really push much of it at home. He can sing his whole ABC’s, write his own name, and knows a plethora of facts about random things like bike safety, where penguins live, etc. I highly recommend playschool if you’re a stay-at-home mom and your kids don’t get the routine socializing from daycare.

Looking forward to September & a new school!



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