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New Symptom: Pregnancy Dyslexia??

Same day, two angles.
Same day, two angles.

Okay, I have developed a new symptom this pregnancy, completely new from any of my pregnancies: Pregnancy Dyslexia. I have never had even an ounce of this before and I think I’ve developed the real deal. I read quite a bit, between books and everyday life, and I’ve written down a couple of examples as I have notice them.

Example #1: I was reading a birthday invitation for a playschool friend at our local Play’d Out Cafe, the card said “Bring Snacks”. It threw me off as I didn’t know if that meant potluck or just bring a snack for your kid, so I set it aside to follow-up on. A little while later I picked up the card again, and saw that it actually said “Bring Socks” which is much more logical as the cafe is a socks only zone. *shakes head at herself*

Example #2: I was browsing through the show guide on the TV when I saw on HGTV “Scoring the Dad”. Again, I thought that was an odd name. The description underneath said something about an NFL player so I thought “Oh that’s a cute play on words and must be for father’s day.” I read the title again, and thought it was still odd. Flipped through the channels some more, got distracted and had to start over. Turns out the real title was “Scoring the Deal”. So bizarre!

There has been at least 5-10 incidents like this but I can’t remember them all (prego brain), but it’s such a weird feeling. I can’t trust what messages my brain is getting. I really hope this symptom dissipates with delivery!



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