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Pinterest Pin of the Week: Bird Silhouette

Happy Pinterest Tuesday!

Following my success with the Dandelion Canvas, I was very excited to attempt another canvas. For my inspiration I, of course, went to pinterest. I have a ton of inspiration already banked on a few boards, aptly named “Inspiration: Canvas”, “Inspiration: Framed” etc. For this week, I decided to try the “Bird Silhouette” canvas. Pictured here:

Original Inspiration from "A Girl and a Glue Gun"
Original Inspiration from “A Girl and a Glue Gun”

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my crafts (as they are unusally unsuccessful), so when I couldn’t find a long rectangular canvas as the Dollarama, I opted to buy a wood picture in a similar shape and just paint over it. I also managed to find a wall art sticker there that had some birds on it. I used three of the bird shapes from the sticker and then traced/modified one of them to make the fourth (I just cut them out from the sticker). Then I drew a branch shape & cut that out from the sticker as well.

Material (wall sticker)
Material (wall sticker)

Next I painted the whole canvas black. Once dry, I put the stickers on in the way I wanted the silhouette to look. After that, I attempted to copy the blended paint style for the background. At this part I failed pretty bad. I’m fairly new to painting and paint techniques and if I was smarter, I would have practiced the technique first! Anyway, once dry I peeled the sticker off and the next fail happed, some of the paint peeled with it. So I spent a lot of time trying to clean up the lines by painted both the black and the background. Which resulted in this:

Bird Silhouette Attempt
Bird Silhouette Attempt

This is what I like to call “Good from far, but far from good”. I re-attemped to do some blendy painting, and well it doesn’t look any better. I think I’m going to buy another wood picture and start from scratch. Here’s how I’m going to do it this time:

1. Do some blended paint background on it first (maybe do some practising beforehand??).

2. Pencil in the bird silhouette and branch by hand or possibly by a trace from the original.

3. Paint the silhouette in black.

I’m sure part of the fail is that I used acrylic craft paint. There is probably a better type, but since I am a craft amateur I both don’t know what it is and am not willing to pay money for more expensive paint (I usually buy paint from the dollar store when possible or from Michaels/Walmart when in a pinch).

When/if I attempt this project again, I’ll be sure to post my results (well, only if it looks better LOL).

Happy Pinning!



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