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Homemade Scratch Tickets (gender reveal)

My official anatomy scan with baby was almost two weeks ago and while that is when you would typically find out gender, my baby was “uncooperative” and didn’t show any private business. Fortunately, his or her uncooperativeness wasn’t limited to gender so I get a follow-up scan on Friday, April 26th to get the medically necessarily pictures and hopefully, find out gender then.

Tyler, my husband, was at work during that ultrasound and he’ll be at work for this one too. So, since I had a little bit of time on my hands, I brainstormed up some fun ways to tell him gender over the phone. I decided on making him homemade scratch tickets. I’ll tell him which ticket to scratch once I know (the location of the star is different on each card), and then once he scratches he’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl!

I got the directions on how to make the scratchable paint via a google search leading me to The Dainty Squid website. I was also inspired by her owl theme, so I found a picture I liked via the internet. The print quality from my printer wasn’t fantastic, but for homemade it really suited my purpose. I also opted to past regular paper to cardstock to give them a little more durability. Here’s my final result:




Overall I was really impressed with myself and how they turned out! They’ll make a great addition to my scrapbook. I’m also hoping Tyler will take a picture of the scratched card, so that I can use that picture to share the news with others (like on Facebook and via text messaging).

I was inspired to make these scratchers by another mom who ordered a whole pack from and used them for a gender reveal party. Only one ticket was the “winner” so whoever found out the news got to yell out “It’s a …” (in her case –  boy).  It was a fun surprise for everyone including the parents and the mom-to-be even posted a video for us to see (it was fun!).

If we have more babies, perhaps I’ll try to be more organized and plan something along those lines. In the meantime, if you are a better planner, you can purchase these scratch tickets below.


Gender Reveal Scratch Offs


If the bee theme doesn’t suit you, there are many styles available if you search “gender scratch off” on

Happy Crafting!



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