Pinterest Pin of the Week: Insanity

Happy Pinterest Tuesday!

I first got connected to Pinterest around January of last year (2012) I believe and at first I was super obsessed, checking it out multiple times a day. Now I am just semi-obsessed and sometimes do still check it multiple times a day, but I can go a few weeks in between as well. In order to improve my blogability, I have decided to have some regular themes and “Pinterest Pin of the Week” is the first one I’m launching. To make this post even more special, its the first post of the first theme. To honour this, I’ve picked a post that really showcases my general attitude and is even a play off a quote I reference regularly. Enjoy! - If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Then I guess I'll stop cleaning the house.

I feel like this on SO many days! Sweeping and dishes are the top two things that annoy me, probably because they are the top two things I do the most often. My husband does a lot of the laundry (yep, I’m the worst housewife ever) so that ones doesn’t drive me as crazy. But I suppose the alternative to this is not cleaning your house and it just getting like hoarder disgusting and well, I’m not there yet. LOL




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