Rhymes with Crystal

I am very, very, very excited to have a blog with my own domain name! No more It was really hard to make a decision on what I was going to purchase as it seemed so final (and because I was going to be paying for it). I went with “” because it’s a user name I have used with a lot of success within a lot of programs over the years. I have yet to come across anyone using it so it’s nice not to be just another crystal_#3ab etc. Also, if I come across a site where there is someone with that user name (happened) I know it was me and that I just need to get my password reset rather than starting a whole new profile!

If you were to google chrissetall, you will find (in order as per the date of this post):

-my twitter account (very inactive),

-my pintertest,

-this website (now!),

-and a few other things that I have used with that profile name (Black Eyed Peas fan club, amazon reviews, etc).

Chrissetall was a sort of nickname that was given to me/developed in junior high, so it goes way back.

I think it’s neat that I have somewhat of an internet presence and thought it made sense to link everything to here. I’m excited to delve back into the blogging world actively, with a fresh start and to quote Miley Cyrus “That’s pretty cool.”



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